IKEA, Then and Now

I assembled a new bed frame last night. Bed frames are a difficult purchase for me, and I hem and haw for ages before (usually) just deciding to go without. I watched the Child’s Play movies when I was [far too] young, and although they didn’t bother me then, Freshman year of college found me doing timed trials for how quickly I could turn out the light and jump into bed. The thought of Chuckie ambushing me from under the bed has, more than once, left me sleeping on the couch. Finally, I found a bed that I fell in love with—clean white, captain’s style extending all the way to the floor, affordable, no gaudy headboard (my room is quite small and I detest useless furniture).

That’s great! Says everyone. Where did you find it?


Oh. They say. Well I’m really happy that you found something that will work.

So, what’s the deal? Why the aversion to IKEA products? I have been a diehard IKEA fan since college, and I don’t foresee anything changing, pending some monumental upset in quality or corporate ethic.

Rewind to 2006—I was entering my Junior year of college and would be living off of campus for the first time. I had no furniture. Fortunately my parents took pity on me and took me to my first IKEA. The excitement! The wonder!

The indecision!

At the time, a solid wood set caught my eye. In a stroke of good luck, IKEA had a matching bed frame, nightstand, dresser and desk—an important element since I would be moving into a room and would have all of my earthly belongings gathered in that single room. Although the bed frame only survived a few seasons in the harsh conditions of a young, on-the-move lifestyle, I still have the nightstand, the dresser, and the desk. They have moved nine times with me, and while they have some battle scars to show, they are no worse functionally than the day that I first assembled them eleven years ago.

While assembling my new bed frame, I realized that nothing about the process has changed. It is like talking to an old friend, or riding a bicycle. I took the drawers out of the dresser and the hardware is almost identical, the fittings match perfectly. The only noticeably change was that some of the connectors in the dresser are metal, and those in the bed frame are plastic. I will likely purchase the matching bedroom set in the future, but for now, my new bed frame is next to my nightstand, and across from my dresser, and I love it.

During the trip, I also ordered cabinetry for my new kitchen. Stay tuned to see the disaster that was my previous kitchen!



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