I haven’t written in awhile now; I have been busy and have had other priorities, and have allowed time spent here to wane. I have been busy though, as I am sure that many of us find ourselves to be during the long, warm summer days when home improvement projects, outside adventures, and summer blockbusters in air conditioned theaters vie for our time. As for me, a bathroom remodel, annihilating problematic elm trees, the addiction that justifies my already excessive walking–Pokemon GO, and a canine toe amputation have filled my summer days.

The bathroom floor is finally laid and grouted, and looks exactly as I had imagined it. I opted for a darker grout to blend with the tiles, since the floor is not intended to make a standalone statement and should act as a supporting role for the rest of the bathroom. Darker grout on the floor tiles will also prevent the floor from looking unnecessarily dirty. While researching grout methods and options, and discussing the issue with a DIY friend back in California, I decided that I wanted to use self-sealing grout; not only would it save me the extra steps of sealing the grout (a continuous job for the life of the grout), but it also gets high marks for color retention. In the spirit of instant gratification–after an hour in the Home Depot agonizing over colors–I chose Fusion Pro’s Single Component Earth tone grout, which claims to be, “Stain Proof and Color Perfect.” Color options were a bit more limited than standard grout, and the cost was higher, but overall I am very happy with the product.

The dog room is still coming along, albeit slowly. Far from the original intent, I ended up with a bold turquoise and threeDwall 3D wainscoting panels, which can be seen here. The panels are not as durable as I would like, and replacements needed to be sent for three which had considerable damage to the corners from shipping. Once painted they look great with the baseboards. For the flooring, I found a new piece of commercial carpet 12’x27′ at the ReStore. A friend got a good deal on new padding and installed the carpet. I will post pictures once the room is a bit more put together.

Hopefully I can soon post pictures of a yard reclaimed from the elm and the juniper, a presentable great room and dog room, and a completed bathroom; in the meantime, I will be tending to my old doggy and keeping my fingers crossed that his paw heals up well and quickly.