The List of Lists

As promised, here is a list of everything [that I can currently think of] that needs to be done, and everything that I would like to do in the near future.
Need to do

  • Re-tile the upstairs bathroom. Currently a shower insert is poorly installed over 1970s green tile.
  • Replace the electrical panel. The current panel is a Federal Pacific breaker switch panel. While the inspector wouldn’t commit to specifics, he did mention that the panel has a two-digit fail rate (which I knew going into the purchase). In addition, the previous homeowner used a 16 gauge wire where there should be a 14 gauge, double-tapped two breakers, and has a 15A cable running to a 20A breaker. Overall just an electrical fire waiting to happen. This will be completed before I move myself and the dogs into the house.
  • Replace the siding. The condition of the siding is probably what got me this house. The siding is in such a state of disrepair that no buyer using an FHA, HUD, or VA loan could put in an offer. I had considered scraping and repainting; however, considering the condition, and since there may be lead-based paint (LBP), I decided to completely replace the siding.
  • Replace some windows. Eight of the ten windows in the house are single-pane aluminum framed windows. Of those eight windows: two are caulked shut, four don’t lock at all, one is cracked, and two were installed behind another single-pane aluminum framed window (double-pane?). Three of the permanently unlocked windows are at ground level and are large enough for a standard sized person to gain entry.
  • Remove the “dry bar.” Because old kitchen cabinetry glued to the wall is not a dry bar.
  • Paint. Paint all of the rooms. I am certain that the previous tenants loved their paint choices, but I do not.
Want to do
  • Install a front fence and replace the rear fence. The rear fence is currently a 3′ chain-link fence–I neither like the look nor am I confident that it is safe and secure for my dogs. I would also like to have a privacy fence in the back yard. For the front yard, I would like a 3′ to 4′ semi-solid fence with a gate to the entry. The front fence serves a more functional purpose: to prevent the boys from getting beyond my yard in the event that they run out of the door.
  • Design and build a dog room.
  • Replace the shower pan in the lower level bathroom.
  • Chop down the numerous juniper bushes along the front, side, and rear of the house.
  • Build a new step in the garage to replace the current death-step.
  • Replace the vanity lighting in both bathrooms.
  • Install cabinetry in the laundry room.

What an adventure!


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