Let’s Start Over

Today was closing day! And it felt like a holiday. A very strange, expensive holiday. I sat in the RE/MAX office between my two realtors (an odd set-up, but I felt important) and the notary, across from the sellers and their agent whom they had never met (evidently some interesting practices take place when working with ReDefy for low listing fees), and adjacent to my lender’s representative whom I had never met. I got lots of paperwork and more practice signing my middle name that I will ever need. After signing all of the documents I received a housewarming bag of goodies from the lending office and a nice card with giftcards from my realtors/
I finally got to meet the sellers, who I had been quietly belittling as lazy homeowners and “Joe DIY” who couldn’t repair anything properly. While some of the charges that I have mentally levied against them may still hold true, they did seem like very nice people, and I learned that they had rented the house out for the last year. I suppose that I can’t blame them for the choice in paint or the quality of the painting. They are a young couple with three children who had moved out to the country, and are hoping to buy a place after getting the $27000 profit that they made on this house. Today probably felt like a holiday to them also.
After work, Steve took me out for a celebratory dinner at McKenzie’s Chop Shop. A lot of work looms in the future, but I am excited to finally have a house to make my own.

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