Hello World

For quite some time I have considered jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Everyone seems to be doing it. I am sure that many of my reservations are the same as other new bloggers: do I have enough to say? Will the content be interesting? Will my posts be helpful for anyone? The answer–to all of these–is that I hope. I hope that, in this new chapter of my life, I will find enough projects and pastimes to fill my posts. I hope that someone stumbling around the Internet will find a post or two to be insightful or entertaining. I hope that someone out there will benefit from what are sure to be my numerous mishaps and experiences along the way.
This new chapter started at the beginning of this year, when I moved from California to Colorado for a job for which I had no practical experience other than a relevant degree. Despite a sizable paycut, I accepted the job because, well, dogs. My facebook posts, although scant, are dominated by my dogs. If I had started a blog in past years, it would be dedicated to my dogs, our hikes, our challenges, and our search for a better life. Now I have found that better life. For the first time since I left school I faced the opportunity of nights and weekends off and enough money–if barely–to make the best use of that time. So the dogs and I packed up and moved out East, away from California’s central coast and into the Rocky mountains.
At the inception of this blog, I am preparing to close on my first home–a dream that never would have been possible for me on the central coast. My house-to-be is quite the fixer, and I will publish a full list of projects shortly, but I hope that my chronicles will inspire people to leap into the insecure unknown in search of a better life, no matter what that unknown may be.

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